Sell your forklift

If you have an unneeded forklift taking up space in your warehouse, consider selling it to Us for a fair value for your equipment.


To sell your forklift, send us photographs of your equipment and provide us with the relevant specifications of each piece of the equipment you would like to sell. Be sure to state the type of lift it is, what kind of fuel source it requires, and any details that impact the forklift’s function (I,e Lifting Height or malfunction if any).  Also include the asking price you are hoping to get for the forklift.


We will review your request and proceed in one of two directions. We may purchase your forklift from you at a fair price, or, through our vast networking abilities, we may remarket your equipment to help you achieve the highest values possible. Once it’s sold, we’ll even ship your forklift from your location to its new home.


If we choose to remarket, all you have to do is list your forklift on our site, and we’ll take care of everything else. All we ask is for an honest representation of your forklift trucks, so we can pay the highest values possible.

We can purchase or remarket any number of forklifts and we will pick them all up from your location.

By selling your unwanted forklifts, you can be certain that your forklifts will go to a credible buyer for a fair price.

Get the best possible price for your used, unwanted forklifts today!

Please note that we currently only accept Japanese brand forklift.