Rent a Forklift

Long term forklift rentals are our specialty and the already low forklift rental rates are discounted even further for multiple months or years.   Here are just some of the benefits we offer through our forklift rental service:

  • Different brand of forklift to choose from.

  • Choice of brand new forklift or used forklift.

  • Forklift capacities from 1,000Kgs - 16,000Kgs

  • Ready stock for immediate delivery

  • Forklift Maintenance is Included - No hidden costs. 

  • No capital investment

  • Substitute forklift in case of a breakdown.

  • Replacement of new truck every 3 years. 


If you are looking at renting a forklift, it would be wise to meet up with our experience rental executive for a meeting to understand your needs and requirements. 

Please note that minimum rental period is 12 months