About Us

Reliable Material Handling Equipment Rentals, Service & Parts

Mashgate Pte Ltd has been the standard of quality for Materials Handling Equipment for over 25 years in Singapore for warehouses, stores and logistics.

Since 1984, Mashgate Pte Ltd has been committed to ethically sourcing and delivering the highest quality Materials Handling Equipment as well as service standards.

We are a very conservatively run company.  We manage our growth to levels we can maintain, because growth for the sake of growth only causes problems and has a negative effect on how customers are serviced.  We believe we are an important part of our customer’s success, because we know how important material handling equipment is to the movement of goods, and if goods are not moving, money is being lost.

We are a very honest company.  We look for quality relationships with our customers- one of mutual respect.  If it’s not right, we will make it right.

We try to align ourselves with quality manufacturers – ones that we, as well as our customers, can trust for quality goods and services.  We will not take on a product line to simply take it on, or keep someone else from having it.  Products have to fit our scope of business and tie in to the type company we are and the philosophies we have.

So give us a try!  All we ask is for an opportunity to showcase our products and services, and show you how we can reduce your costs of owning and operating material handling equipment!

Our dedicated service team begins with a customized approach that enables us to develop an intimate understanding of your applications unique needs. Our team of experienced sales representative’s work with you to find the right equipment for your needs be it a used or new forklift to increase your productivity and reduce down time.

We take pride in making sure our customers’ equipment receives the highest level of service.